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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hank Davis - 19th District Candidate for VA Senate Seat Answers Tough Questions

A large number of citizens have contacted Bill Stanley, a 19th District candidate for the VA Senate seat, with various questions. Mr. Stanley never responded, raising suspicions among cncerned citizens that Mr. Stanley is not a real person.

Luckily, Davis Hank, the other candidate for the VA Senate seat from the 19th District responded promptly to all questions. His answers are below.

1) What is your opinion regarding the potential lifting of the current ban on uranium mining in Virginia? (If possible, elaborate further than to "wait for the study".)

I am opposed to uranium mining and milling in Virginia and will not vote to lift the ban.

2) What implications do you forsee for Virginia if the current ban on uranium mining is lifted?

I see social and economic disaster for the 19th District, not to mention great health concerns where the mine is located.

3) The current NAS study will not determine if mining and milling can be done safely in VA. When the report is finalized it will be up to the General Assembly to vote "yea" or "nay" regarding the ban. What opportunity is there for citizens to publically review and comment onthe NAS report prior to a vote by the GA?

I do not know what final citizen review will be available other than legislative committee's hearing which I am sure will be public.

4) What factors will ultimately determine your vote regarding whether or not to mine uranium in Virginia?

The safety, health and socioeconomic factors will determine my vote as well as my awareness of the opinions of my constituents.

5) Should any of the other studies being done be considered by the General Assembly and what weight should be given to them?

All relevant studies should be considered. Each one will have to be evaluated based on their content and completeness.

Thanks for the opportunity to answer your questions!


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