If you are reading this blog, it probably means that you are seeking more information on pending plans to mine uranium in our beautiful Virginia. The objective of this blog is provide our readers with the background information and updates on any developments pertaining to proposed uranium mining in the Commonwealth of Virginia.
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Friday, April 9, 2010

Blog Launch

I would like to launch this blog by quoting Martin Luther King, Jr., who said that “our lives begin to end when we become silent about the things that matter.” But in order to be able to speak out your opinion, first one needs to learn the facts in order to persuade others. This blog is designed to give you lots of background information on proposed uranium mining in Virginia, about the specifics of the plan, reactions of various organizations and communities to those plans, as well as science-based information on dangers of uranium mining and milling in Virginia’s climate. This blog will also inform you on any developments pertaining to uranium mining in Virginia. This blog is a work in progress and it will take some time to fill up its library. So please bear with us as we continue our improvements.

Hopefully, you will find this blog helpful and enjoyable. Your comments are most welcome, as long as they are respectful of others. Please do not hesitate to speak up!

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